Not Perfect Aiming for Holy

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“Not Perfect, Aiming for Holy” is a gentle-guided journal created to help you draw nearer to Christ and recognize God’s grace in your daily life.

Softbound, 50 pages, black and white


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The journal is titled, “Not Perfect, Aiming for Holy” because I think sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves that we can’t mess up, but mistakes are good, they teach us to turn to HIM. There is no possible way to NOT make mistakes. GOD knew this! That’s why WE have JESUS! It is in the striving to be holy that the LORD extends HIS grace. Let’s remember that, and that it’s not a race. Aiming towards GOD is how CHRIST perfects us.

I feel the more choices YOU can make about the important decisions in YOUR life, the more they mean to YOU, and the more YOU own them too. This creates a testimony. YOU need to have opportunities to make choices, be curious, and ask questions. Questions are good, they help us search!

I created this simply handwritten journal with holding places for questions to help others become seekers and receive personal revelation in 2017 while serving the youth in my stake. I felt it would be useful for others too, so I self-published it in 2018.

The purpose of this journal is to gently guide the YOUTH or YOU to . . .

  •  Recognize the Spirit’s guide
  • Strengthen testimony
  •  Become a seeker of further light & knowledge
  • Record struggles & strivings
  • Harness the blessings of gratitude as YOU ponder blessings
  • Discover God’s hand in YOUR everyday life

I hope YOU will let go of perfection as YOU doodle, draw, and write.

My prayer for YOU is that YOU will come to know CHRIST’s tender mercy and feel HIS gift of grace throughout YOUR life. I know that as YOU draw nearer to CHRIST, HE will draw nearer unto YOU.

Not Perfect, Aiming for Holy is a softbound handwritten journal with black and white pages for YOU to color, doodle, and draw as YOU journal. It’s not a daily journal, it’s more of a go back & forth journal, encouraging YOU to seek and record that which YOU receive from HIM.

Love and Light, Michelle 
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